Music of the Americas

In yet another unique and adventurous program, the Philharmonic performs works by composers from five different countries of the American continent. Mexico’s José Pablo Moncayo, one of his country’s most revered composers, is represented by his festive Sinfonietta. Canadian composer Jean Coulthard’s Prayer for Elizabeth, written to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, is a heartfelt meditation in the manner of Barber’s Adagio for Strings. From Brazil, we sample the evocative music of Camargo Guarnieri, as one of the Philharmonic’s dearest friends, the dynamic pianist Sophie Lippert, performs his Piano Concerto No. 1. Following intermission, we turn to the hauntingly beautiful Mediodía en en Llano (Afternoon on the Plain) by Venezuela’s Antonio Estévez. The concert ends on U. S. soil with the Concerto for Orchestra by Morton Gould, a work that deftly combines classical, popular, and jazz elements (including a rip-roaring boogie-woogie finale!).

MONCAYO | Sinfonietta

COULTHARD | A Prayer for Elizabeth

GUARNIERI | Concerto No. 1 for Piano & Orchestra

Soloist | Sophie Lippert, Piano

ESTÉVEZ | Mediodía en el Llano

GOULD | Concerto for Orchestra


Benaroya Hall



"The merriest piece I've ever written": Mendelssohn's "Italian" Symphony

As an adventurous and impressionable 21-year-old, Felix Mendelssohn spent ten months in Italy, joyously absorbing its language and culture. The Symphony No. 4, “Italian”, was the musical offspring of this sojourn, and remains the most popular of its composer’s five orchestral symphonies. The concert opens with the overture to the opera Il trionfo della fedeltà by Maria Antonia Walpurgis (1724-1780), a brilliant composer whose music straddles the Baroque and Classical eras, and continues with the U.S. premiere of the Sinfonietta by Lithuanian composer Kristina Vasiliauskaitė, a composition suffused with striking colors and effervescent themes. The concert will also feature a unique Halloween presentation…don’t miss out on the surprise!


Benaroya Hall

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