Like our orchestra, the Phil’s Board of Trustees is full of dedicated community members and lovers of the musical art form.



  • Michael Moore, President
  • Jeff Brooks, Vice President
  • Deborah Doane, Secretary
  • Carol Wollenberg, Interim Treasurer



  • Camilo Aristizabal
  • Jon Epstein
  • Ariel Kemp
  • Jennifer Leland
  • Susan Nitta
  • Sarah Peniston
  • Erin Phelps



  • Amy Werner-Allen, Personnel Manager

Are you an arts-loving community member interested in serving on the Seattle Phil's Board of Trustees? We'd love to hear from you! Please contact our chair of the Nominating Committee, Erin Phelps at We are particularly in need of people who have an interest in marketing, grant writing, and/or finances and accounting, but there are many other talents that are well-suited for representing our member-owned and member-governed orchestra!